• Cultural Tourism
    Tîrgu Neamț, Memorial Museum "Ion Creangă" Copyright 2012 Tîrgu Neamț City
  • Historical Tourism
    Tîrgu Neamț, Neamț Fortress Copyright 2012 Tîrgu Neamț City
  • Religious Tourism
    Tîrgu Neamț, Neamț Monastery Copyright 2012 Tîrgu Neamț City
  • Nature Tourism
    Tîrgu Neamț, "Dragoş Vodă" Reservation of Aurochses Copyright 2012 Tîrgu Neamț City

Presentation of Tîrgu Neamţ City

Tîrgu Neamț, a land with a fabulous history, inspirational center for Romanian writers, surrounded by the Ozana Valley, the Citadel of Neamț and the nearby village of Humuleşti, formed a strong community, homogenous by picturesque traditions and old customs. Tradition is also kept in the domain of other handicrafts like wood manufacturing. Wood sculpture is well represented. Houses have rich ornaments, from the veranda to the entering gate. During this period, tourists can directly take part at a huge spontaneous folkloric show, set out right in the street, no production, only with the elements of the old culture, and which becomes the main bond of the event. Tîrgu Neamţ is well known for its archeological vestiges, dating back in the Neolithic period and the Bronze period. The oldest habitation remains in this area were found on the sites at Lunca-Poiana Slatinei, Oglinzi-Cetăţuia and Băi, which are situated close to the salt water springs from the south-east side of Culmea Pleşului peak. Here, it was discovered a rich ceramic material which belongs to the Starcevo-Criş culture, from the period of the VI-V B. C. millenniums. The area of Neamţ actively carries on the traditions and old customs, as an echo of the primordial form of life. You can find here the root of the Romanian folk culture, in which the testimonies left by travelers have a priceless value.


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